And so it begins …. I find myself in the Calgary airport. I’ll be boarding a flight to Ottawa soon. Lots has happened since my last post. My lake property is for sale and I am firmly settling in to my condo in St Albert.

It has been a good year. I have steady work with the Federal Government. My children and their children are close by and I love being present in their lives and having them in mine. It is wonderful to witness the way everyone is maturing and changing. With all three generations ranging in age from 14 to 64 you get to see the phases of life we all go through in those 50 years. It’s interesting, heartwarming and fun. Being the matriarch, the oldest, has its rewards and its responsibilities both of which I am embracing with love and enthusiasm.

I am still working for the wonderful people in the Virgin Islands. It was heartbreaking to watch and listen to what was happening their in September and not be able to help. The stories of devastation were followed by stories of courage and renewal. I hope to visit soon to hug my friends and lend a hand. Recovery has been slow. Please keep them in your thoughts.

I love curling. My team’s expectations of each other and ourselves are to do the best we can. There is a sense of support and camaraderie that I enjoy so much that I hate to miss a game. Likewise my dance classmates are all wonderful human beings that are easy to be around. We learn and laugh and share each other’s joys and sorrow every Wednesday.

So now you are update. I have great friends, family close by, meaningful work … what more could one ask for? Maybe someone special to share it all with???? Maybe. Maybe not.